Monday, February 22, 2010

Scented Body Spray

Here is an easy, easy recipe for a scented body spray. Make sure you use it within a couple of weeks. Or, you can add an antibacterial agent such as grapefruit seed extract or germaben.

1 ¼ c distilled water
2 Tbsp liquid glycerin
1 Tbsp aloe vera gel
12 drops essential oil of your choice*
1- 80z clear spray bottle

Mix ingredients and shake vigorously.
*You can also use a fragrance oil, or even a bit of your favorite cologne.
Enjoy! Especially cooling in hot weather if you keep it in the refrigerator. This makes a quick and easy gift for someone special too.


  1. Thanks, Posh Wash! Something new for me to try.

  2. You are so talented... Another project to put on my to do list...

    Keep On Junking